How to Become a PACS Analyst

Step by Step Guide on what to learn and how to enter the field of Imaging Informatics

The Industry

The Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) is the digital solution to storage, transfer and viewing of medical grade imaging. Gone are the days of printing an X-RAY film, waiting for it to dry and hanging them up against a wall for a Radiologist to review. The PACS has become the software solution in medical imaging technology for the past three decades. This has been apparent in the radiology departments. Other departments have been slow to catch on such as cardiology and nuclear medicine. However, by today’s standards most of our medical imaging has been converted to digital format. Most PACS images are stored and transferred in DICOM format.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). What is a VNA? The future of imaging which extends past the Radiology, Cardiology and Nuclear medicine departments. The need for digital pathology, dermatology and dental images has called for a single solution that fulfills the needs of each individual PACS. The idea is to have a solution that can store/transmit/view all types of images regardless of which vendor created it. DICOM or non-DICOM. Proprietary or native.

Or perhaps you’ve heard of Imaging Sharing Platforms. What happens when a patient wants a copy of their medical imaging? Years ago, when PACS became the standard, hospitals began downloading digital images unto CDs instead of printing physical films. As we dive into the digital age, we are beginning to “ditch the disk”. The advent of technology now leans in the direction of transferring images from one institution to another digitally. This creates a need for software solutions and professionals to bridge the gap between institutions.

Digital solutions for healthcare patients will continue to grow. In the shelter-in-place world, the demand for telemedicine, web conferencing, virtual clinics and patient portals will require medical images to be integrated with newly surfacing technologies.

PACS, VNA and Image Sharing all fall under the category of Imaging Informatics. With the emergence of these new technologies, new career opportunities also arise. Take advantage of these opportunities as many of these roles may provide lucrative career advancements.


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Begin your career in the field of Imaging Informatics

The Industry and You

If you’re someone who’s looking to get your first job in Medical Imaging, then this Bootcamp was designed for you.   Whether it’s how to become a PACS administrator? How to become a VNA analyst? Or how to engage in Image Sharing initiatives? These roles require the same fundamental concepts.

We’ll take a look at the overall requirements. From considering your background… to suggesting reading materials… to providing practice exams. We’ll do our best to prepare you to get your first job offer in the field.

In this boot camp, you’ll be given clear direction on how to secure your position in the industry.

“Your next step is simple. You are the first domino.”

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How to Become a PACS Analyst

Step by Step Guide on what to learn and how to enter the field of Imaging Informatics