Imaging Informatics Practice Exams

You want to become an Imaging Informatics Professional. Medical Imaging is the field you desire.
You’ve studied, and you’re ready for the next step. Certification.
As you embark on your journey to certification, take our practice exams to test your knowledge.
Both free quizzes and paid practice exams are available to you here at PACS Bootcamp.

Free Practice Quiz 1

Feel free to take our 20 question practice quiz. Gauge your knowledge! Check against your answers at the end of the quiz.

Free Practice Quiz 2

A 50 question practice exam. Please reach out to us for any questions.

Paid Practice Exam

A 100 question practice exam. Please reach out to us for any questions.

Additional Free Quizzes

Networking Quiz

A 20 question quiz on the topic of Computer Networking

Vendor Software Quiz

Similar to the quiz above, the Vendor Software quiz is for experienced PACS professionals who have worked with several PACS and VNA products. This quiz is to simply test your familiarity in the field however you will not find these type of questions on board exams such as the ABII IIP exam.

DICOM Operations Quiz

This quiz is for the intermediate PACS administrator. How familiar are you with the backend DICOM operations? What would you do in specific scenarios? How do you apply your knowledge of DICOM in the field?

Practice Quiz Video

On this video, we will quiz you on 10 questions that MAY BE similar to questions asked on the ABII CIIP exam.

How to Get Certified

Did you do well on our practice exams? Have you read the recommended books? The next step is to get certified. Visit the ABII website to find out more about the Imaging Informatics Exam.

Also stay tuned for additional FREE IIP Practice Exam content

How to Become a PACS Analyst

Step by Step Guide on what to learn and how to enter the field of Imaging Informatics