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Beek AE

Board Certified Imaging Informatics Professional, Board Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist NMTCB, R.T.(N)(ARRT)

Beek graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Concentration in nuclear medicine technology. Received highest distinction on the nuclear medicine (NMTCB) exam and scored top 97th percentile on the radiologic technology board (ARRT) exam. In 2017, Beek published an abstract in the journal of nuclear cardiology. Through self study, Beek transitioned into the field of imaging informatics. From experiences varying from hardware support to infrastructure design, Beek is able to share experiences through PACS Bootcamp.

Through my experiences in making the transition from the healthcare to IT profession, I hope to motivate and guide you to do the same.

Beek AE
Kyle Chung

Associate Researcher, Masters of Science (MS) in Medical Health Sciences

Kyle earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Stony Brook University and his Masters degree from Touro University California. Currently, Kyle is an Associate Researcher for the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. Along with his education, he has work experience as a Medical Scribe and a Medical Technician. He gained an understanding of medical terminology, diagnostic equipment and procedures, and of the workflow in various medical specialties including Pulmonology, Cardiology, Immunology, and Family Medicine practices.

With my overall knowledge and experience, my goal is to guide you through your journey into healthcare and to help you take your first steps into this field.

Kyle Chung
Tim Oo

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Tim graduated from the University of California with a Computer Engineering degree. His undergraduate program included various Computer Science topics such as AI Algorithms, Recommender Systems, Operating Systems, and Computer Architecture.

Currently, Tim is volunteering at Microsoft TEALS program to bring CS education to High Schools in the United States. He is working with a team of CS professionals to support a Python Curriculum for William M. Raines High School in Florida. Through his Tutor position during his undergraduate years, he developed a passion for education and sharing his knowledge.

I wish to share my knowledge and experience in Computer Engineering and Technology with hopes that you will find it useful.

Tim Oo
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