What is a DICOM Tag

Simply put, DICOM tags are meta-data elements that are associated with each DICOM image object.

Traditionally, when an X-RAY film is developed, the patient demographics can be printed directly on the film itself.

Since the X-RAY today is now digital, the image and the demographics are digitally combined into one file.

Each line of information can be considered a DICOM tag.  For example, a tag for accession number (0008,0050).  A tag of the date of study (0008,0020).  So on.   These tags are helpful in the organization of the patient images.  A user can search for these images based on the data within the DICOM tags.

Examples of DICOM Tags

(0008,0016)SOP Class UIDSOP​Class​UIDUI
(0008,0018)SOP Instance UIDSOP​Instance​UIDUI
(0008,001A)Related General SOP Class UIDRelated​General​SOP​Class​UIDUI
(0008,001B)Original Specialized SOP Class UIDOriginal​Specialized​SOP​Class​UIDUI
(0008,0020)Study DateStudy​DateDA
(0008,0021)Series DateSeries​DateDA
(0008,0022)Acquisition DateAcquisition​DateDA
(0008,002A)Acquisition DateTimeAcquisition​Date​TimeDT
(0008,0030)Study TimeStudy​TimeTM
(0008,0031)Series TimeSeries​TimeTM
(0008,0032)Acquisition TimeAcquisition​TimeTM
(0008,0033)Content TimeContent​TimeTM
(0008,0050)Accession NumberAccession​NumberSH
(0008,0051)Issuer of Accession Number SequenceIssuer​Of​Accession​Number​SequenceSQ
(0008,0052)Query/Retrieve LevelQuery​Retrieve​LevelCS
(0008,0053)Query/Retrieve ViewQuery​Retrieve​ViewCS
(0008,0054)Retrieve AE TitleRetrieve​AE​TitleAE
(0008,0055)Station AE TitleStation​AE​TitleAE
(0008,0056)Instance AvailabilityInstance​AvailabilityCS
(0008,0058)Failed SOP Instance UID ListFailed​SOP​Instance​UID​ListUI
DICOM PS3.6 2017e – Data Dictionary from DICOM.nema.org

Click the external site link below to view the full list of DICOM tags from NEMA

DICOM tags are made possible through the digital combination of the image file along with the meta-data.

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