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The Advantages of Certification from the American Board of Imaging Informatics

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Why choose ABII for certification?

Medical imaging is essential for diagnosing and treating patients in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment. Acquiring certification from a reputed organization becomes more and more valuable as technology and information management become more important in the field. An outstanding organization for imaging informatics professionals seeking certification is the American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII). We shall examine the advantages of ABII certification in this article and explain why the “Certified Imaging Informatics Professional” (CIIP) is the preferred badge choice of imaging professionals.

Recognized Industry Expertise and Credibility

An individual who holds an ABII certification in the niche field of imaging informatics demonstrates their knowledge and authority in that field. Individuals that go through the demanding ABII certification process demonstrate that they have a thorough understanding of medical imaging, IT systems, data management, and healthcare informatics. Employers, peers, and healthcare organizations all highly regard the ABII accreditation, which enhances one’s professional reputation in the field.

ABII, the American Board of Imaging Informatics, is the result of a partnership between two reputable organizations. The Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). As the most prominent certifying body for medical imaging technologists, an ARRT certification is the absolute choice for employers hiring radiologic technologists. In terms of medical imaging informatics, SIIM is now the most active organization in terms of advancements and participation in the industry. The credibility of both the SIIM and ARRT organizations validates the CIIP designation as the go-to option for hiring managers across the sector. Many job listings for PACS, RIS, or any imaging roles often express a preference for CIIP applicants.

Competitive Edge in the Job Market

The healthcare sector is extremely competitive, and having an ABII certification can provide you a big advantage whether looking for work or trying to progress your career. ABII certification is a trustworthy indicator of a candidate’s expertise and dedication to the area, thus employers frequently give it preference when hiring applicants. ABII accreditation sets people apart from their contemporaries, enhancing their appeal to potential employers and boosting their chances of getting desirable roles. While some organizations offer to reimburse for certification, other organizations even offer a raise or incentive to existing professionals to obtain certification.

Certification Process

For individuals who meet the requirements, the American Board of Imaging Informatics (ABII) offers a 160-question exam. Your eligibility to take the exam will depend on your background, training, and credentials. To assess eligibility, the ABII offers a point system detailed here. Generally an individual who has the following may be eligible for certification, depending on credits and years of experience: Work experience in health informatics or as a certified radiologic technologist. Experience in a formal imaging informatics training or educational program. College education including associates, bachelors and masters degree. Recent continuing education credit (CEs) that are directly related to imaging informatics. Such as the Premium IIP study guide provided by PACS Bootcamp and endorsed by the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

Earn 3.5 CAT A CEs
Approved by the ASRT

Typically, the exam's content consists of questions in administration, IT, and the medical field. The ABII changed the particular subjects included on the test in March 2020. Applicants will be tested on procurement, project management, operations, communications, training and education, image management, information technology, systems management, clinical engineering, and medical imaging informatics. Individuals earn the designation of CIIP upon completion of this exam. Practice exams are available on this website.

Maintaining Certification through CEs

Receiving certification from the ABII demonstrates a dedication to lifelong learning and keeping up with the most recent developments in imaging informatics. Candidates for ABII certification must keep their knowledge, abilities, and competence up to date. ABII-certified professionals will always be at the cutting edge of new technology, industry standards, and best practices thanks to this dedication to lifelong learning. Such commitment to professional development is advantageous to both the individual and the patient care they provide. For more information on Continuing Education, this module explains how to satisfy various CE requirements of distinct certifying boards such as the ABII, ARRT and NMTCB.


For experts in the industry, earning certification from the American Board of Imaging Informatics has many benefits. The ABII accreditation proves knowledge, trustworthiness, and dedication to excellence in image informatics. It gives job seekers a competitive edge, encourages continued professional growth, offers networking possibilities, and opens up the possibility of career advancement. Making the decision to become ABII certified distinguishes people and places them as leaders and innovators in the rapidly changing fields of medical imaging and healthcare informatics.

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