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We strongly recommend focusing on the first 3 books: Practical Imaging Informatics, Exam Cramp CompTIA Network+, Medical Terminology

If you were to only choose 1 out of the 3 recommendations then I would suggest the Practical Imaging Informatics book. This book touches upon the major components of imaging informatics.

12/2021 Update: Second Edition of Practical Imaging Informatics has been published. Link below

Once you have read those 3 you are ready to start applying to jobs or start getting certified. Attaining certification grants you a higher chance of becoming hired. At this point, I recommend expanding your knowledge base by exploring the following study material.

These are not mandatory reading material however, it can significantly improve your chance of getting hired. The more you know, the better.


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The One Thing

Use this simple yet powerful concept to focus on your one goal. To become a PACS analyst.

Extreme Ownership

Learn about ownership. Through this journey you may face rejection. Own it and take it as a lesson to become stronger.

Think and Grow Rich

Allow yourself to burn your bridges. Be confident enough in your ability to succeed that you will leave your prior job to pursue a career in PACS.


Anatomy and Phisiology

Anatomy and Physiology brings the basic level of understanding in a conversation between a Radiologist application specialist

Sectional Anatomy

Sectional Anatomy is a must-have for MRI, CT and PET technologists. For 3D imaging applications this knowledge is extremely useful.

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology

Though this may be overkill for an application analyst, it may be highly valuable to someone who’s interested in the field

Information Technology

ExamCram A+
This book gives a high level overview of computers. Some of these subjects come easy to most of us due to our exposure to technology. For example, restarting a computer can resolve a large number of issues. Parts of a PC include, CPU, Memory, Video Card.

Network +
Similar to the ExamCram Network+ book, this book will teach you common network concepts you’ll need everyday such as TCP IP, VPN, Routing.

MCSE Core-Four Exam Cram Pack
Before you freak out. No. You do not need to read this just to get your first job. These are advanced materials however, it gives you a high competitive edge even against others who are already in the field

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How to Become a PACS Analyst

Step by Step Guide on what to learn and how to enter the field of Imaging Informatics