Adding a New DICOM Modality

Steps to Consider When Adding a New DICOM Modality

The following process can be applicable to any DICOM compatible radiology device. For example, a new CT, MR, Flouro, Ultrasound modality.

Gather ContactsPACS
Gather department contact information
Place ticket to RIS for MWL
Provide device type to RIS
Configure AE title from inventoryPACS
Create AE title based on existing site nomenclature
Provide AE title to RIS team (case sensitive)
Site SurveyPACS
Locate exactly where modality is planned to be set up
Gather wireless AP information
Ensure there is a Ethernet wall jack nearby (if not request drop)
Request Network DropPACS
Put in ticket to deployment services
Network DropPACS
Follow up to ensure department signs for financial approval
Schedule drop with department and Install IT
Provide onsite support during installation
Request Static IP addressPACS
Deployment services will provide IP if drop was requested
Put in ticket to deployment services (if no drop request)
Add host name
Cross ConnectPACS
Coordinate cross connect with deployment services and NCC
Test wall jack connection to network using laptop
Get modality speed information from vendor beforehand
Confirm network speed on both switch and modality
Add to known PACS device listPACS
Configure AET, IP and Port of new modality
Configure for Store and/or MWL
Request build for PACS Prod and Test
Build in RISRIS
Configure MWL order rules & restraints
Prepare for validationPACS
Ensure all preparation steps are complete
Schedule testing with vendor & RIS team
Create AE title and service desk label sticker
Gather onsite resources for end to end test
Validation testing with VendorPACS
Instruct vendor to enter station ID to AE title
Instruct vendor to update AE title and static IP address
Instruct vendor to input send destinations
Perform DICOM echo to send destinations
Follow validation script with RIS
Complete MWL validation
Place AE title and service desk sticker on modality
Configure modality to send dosage for CT/XA (if applicable)
Send test images to other 3rd party applications, PACS, VNA
Build MWL in RIS ProdRIS
Use the same config as Test
Discussion with DepartmentRIS
Site manager to build template
Ensure department is able to send first few patientsPACS
View sent images in PACS
Follow up with technologists to verify studies
Update PACS InventoryPACS
Retrieve biomed number
Enter AE title, IP, MAC, Switch, Port, Biomed into team inventory
Configure Dose monitoring (if applicable)PACS
Go to Modality page
Add name, facility and Modality type
Check off Include in Reports, Import Dose SR, Forward to Dose Index Registry
Install AV if it is a Windows devicePACS
Acquire AV exceptions list from vendor
Place ticket to IT Security
Add device to domain (if applicable)PACS
If Windows device, add to institution domain
Request for device to be added to do not touch OU group on ADPACS
Place ticket to desktop engineering team
Check for other systems that need to be configured, dose monitoring, measurements, voice dictation system, etcPACS

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