For the student with no healthcare or IT background

Let’s gain the experience

If this is you, do not be discouraged.  In fact, several PACS analysts have been offered this role without having the clinical or IT experience.  However, you will need to work harder as you will need to learn both aspects of the field.

If you don’t have a college degree yet, you can apply for entry level jobs at a hospital or clinic to gain healthcare exposure. You can apply to jobs such as Patient Transporter or Medical Receptionist. Hospital jobs will give you useful hands-on healthcare experience. A patient transporter typically transports patients to and from diagnostic imaging procedures. A medical receptionist can deal with importing paperwork into the EMR and PACS. A receptionist also works within the scheduling and orders system. All useful experience for a PACS analyst! From here, with the proper education, you can work your way up.

If you have a bachelors degree, you can look for a Radiology Film Library role. The film library clerk can gain significant experience with managing Radiology images, workflow, CDs.  You will learn a lot.  I know a few people who have transitioned to the IT space from here.

Don’t just limit yourself to the roles mentioned above. Any healthcare and/or IT experience will improve your chances of getting hired as a PACS analyst.

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Recommended Reading

Let’s face it. You’ve got a lot to learn. Reading will significantly improve your chances. Especially the books we’ve recommended below.

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Anatomy and Phisiology

Anatomy and Physiology brings the basic level of understanding in a conversation between a Radiologist application specialist

Sectional Anatomy

Sectional Anatomy is a must-have for MRI, CT and PET technologists. For 3D imaging applications this knowledge is extremely useful.

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology

Though this may be overkill for an application analyst, it may be highly valuable to someone who’s interested in the field

Information Technology

ExamCram A+
This book gives a high level overview of computers. Some of these subjects come easy to most of us due to our exposure to technology. For example, restarting a computer can resolve a large number of issues. Parts of a PC include, CPU, Memory, Video Card.

Network +
Similar to the ExamCram Network+ book, this book will teach you common network concepts you’ll need everyday such as TCP IP, VPN, Routing.

MCSE Core-Four Exam Cram Pack
Before you freak out. No. You do not need to read this just to get your first job. These are advanced materials however, it gives you a high competitive edge even against others who are already in the field

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Get A+ Certification

Get the Network+ Certification – This will allow you to work as a networking engineer while trying to transition into the PACS Administrator job.. or… it may get you the job as a PACS Administrator if you’re already a Radiology Film Library Clerk.

External link to CompTIA site here

Study hard and stay motivated. Once you have the knowledge, the skills and certification the last obstacle will be the job interview. You’ll have to convince others you can apply what you have learned.

How to Become a PACS Analyst

Step by Step Guide on what to learn and how to enter the field of Imaging Informatics