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Our Story

From the founder

I’ve been in the Healthcare industry for my entire working life. High school summers were spent doing clinical trials research at a university hospital. College summers involved direct patient care as a transporter. I graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Concentration in nuclear medicine technology. Received highest distinction on the nuclear medicine (NMTCB) exam and scored top 97th percentile on the radiologic technology board (ARRT) exam. In 2017, I published an abstract in the journal of nuclear cardiology.

After 6+ years as a nuclear medicine technologist, I was ready to expand my knowledge into the IT field. I wasn’t sure how someone with my background could make the transition. Then I realized PACS was the gateway. As a system that bridged medical imaging with information systems, it was the obvious pathway. I could leverage my clinical knowledge to somehow get a job related to PACS. Most nuclear medicine technologists were heavy end users of PACS. Slight drawback. I had never used PACS.

Not a problem. A Google search should solve that. Right?

Unfortunately, at the time there was not much content out there. A few forum posts. Most of which were discouraging. In fact… a few of the reddit answers to “Can an X-Ray tech become a PACS administrator?” was no. The reasoning was that IT managers preferred to hire individuals with strong information systems backgrounds. The managers would then train the new-hire on radiology workflows. Apparently this was more successful than teaching IT concepts to someone with a clinical background. Discouraging right? Luckily it did not discourage me.

Don’t let it discourage you either. Fact is, everyone needs to start somewhere. Your start is here.

We Are Expanding.

Due to high demand, PACS Bootcamp will be expanding course contents to include other specialties within health informatics. Including but not limited to HL7, EPIC & EMR.


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