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Once you have successfully achieved your certification, you’re ready to apply for jobs.

Simply perform a search for the following titles in the google search engine below:

  • PACS Analyst
  • PACS Administrator
  • RIS Administrator
  • Radiology Systems Analyst
  • Radiology Imaging Associate
  • Radiology Systems Engineer
  • Radiology Infrastructure Engineer
  • Imaging Analyst
  • Enterprise Imaging Analyst
  • VNA Analyst

Read the minimum requirements and see if you qualify. Apply and reach out to the recruiter. If the recruiter is looking for specific skillsets, perhaps you can try to obtain them for your next application. The search will not be easy but it only takes one YES to begin your career.

We are working to partner with career sites to help you find your career.

Please check back.

How to Become a PACS Analyst

Step by Step Guide on what to learn and how to enter the field of Imaging Informatics