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An X-RAY of the chest is stored to the VNA. The technologist sent two images. 1 PA chest view and 1 lateral view. The study shows up in the VNA with 3 images total in the image count. You are unable to view the 3rd image in the viewer. Only 2. There are no errors in the logs. What is the 3rd image?

What DICOM operations are associated with the query retrieve function?

A DICOM study is routed from an image sharing application to a PACS. Only 2 out of 3 images transferred. The 3rd failed to transfer. What are possible reasons for failure the admin must investigate??

The vendor of the modality wants to know if the CT is connected to the PACS. He pushes a "Dicom Ping" button which returns a green check icon stating the modality is successfully communicating with the PACS. What happened in the background?

A clinician complains that a single series in an MRI is not viewable in the PACS viewer. The remaining series in the studies are viewable, however. These images are from a brand new MRI device. What should the admin consider?

What are ways to check if a DICOM device is online?

A user performs a federated search of an MRN within a VNA user interface. What is happening on the backend?

A user wants to pull images from the PACS back into the original MRI modality for post processing. The typical configuration would be to store from MRI to PACS not the other way around. What are the administrator's options?

A technologist queries the worklist on a Ultrasound cart to find the name, MRN and Accession number of the patient that he will be scanning. What is happening on the backend?

A study was successfully sent from a cloud image sharing application into the VNA. When the VNA admin pushes the study to PACS, it fails. The error message shows that the transfer syntax is NOT supported. The VNA has the option to change syntax. The PACS vendor is unavailable and the study needs to be sent ASAP. Which syntax can the admin try next?

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